Friday, 28 March 2008


In between rocking baby Jojo to sleep and entertaining the girls, Bertie managed to book the tickets for our departure - very strange getting one-way tickets!! The big day is...

28 July 2008

Exactly 4 months to go!

NB This is our 7th wedding anniversary - what a way to celebrate! Perhaps we could ask for an upgrade, leaving a kind member of staff to watch over the kids in economy? Er, maybe not...

As Bertie finishes school on 18 July, we will spend a few days here tying up loose ends. Then, depending on whether the in-laws are at home in Paris or in Guadeloupe, we will either spend a few days with them in Paris or go to Paris the night before. Despite my pleas to Virgin, there are still no direct flights to Guadeloupe from the UK so we have to go via France (and be subjected to whatever dire French film they decide to show!).

Thursday, 27 March 2008

First Things First

When planning a year abroad, what should be first on my to-do list, I wondered? Tickets? Finding a job? Transporting our stuff? Storage? Enrolling LissaLou into a school?

No, no, none of those. Let's make life all the more exciting by adding a new baby to the plans! So here he is, Baby Jojo, who arrived 11 days ago and is delighting us all by his presence. And will set foot in his new land at a mere 4 and a half months old!

Picture courtesy of Evs (don't worry sis, I will use my own soon, when your superior ones are no longer available!)

Monday, 24 March 2008

Our Kind Benefactor

Many thanks to Dad for giving us his digital camera to finally get this blog going!

A Journey Begins...

Well, in the next few months our little family will be setting off on a big journey, as we head from city life in London to the much more relaxed pace of life in the West Indies. Exciting, but also daunting...
This blog willl follow the highs and lows of preparing and then being out there, plus be a useful way to keep updated anyone interested in the progress of the girls along their own little journeys of life.

So nice to be beside the sea! This photo was taken by my sister Evs on Whitstable beach in the dim and distant past (February??) when we actually had some lovely weather, rather than the snow and sleet of recent days!