Saturday, 1 August 2009

Back On Line

Wayhey, we have a new computer! Bertie's BIL works in a computer place and had an ex store model offered to him at a discount so he kindly kept it for us.

It is hp compact and on the downside has a French AZERTY keyboard, all the programmes are in French, and it is a laptop when I was intending to get a desktop, but paying a quarter less is nice! Plus I will never have problems putting in my accents!

Bertie's other BIL has just connected it to the web so here I am in my bedroom feeding JoJo and blogging! I just need to work out how to put Picassa and upload all my photos - watch this space....

And now back to the big family party happening next door!


Maman said...

trés grands mercis à C et à P!
Accents? pas de problème!!

evie winter said...

woohoo!!! I am planning on bringing my laptop this week so the french relatives can copy photos of their family in they want xxx

Giulietta said...

très, quand même!