Sunday, 22 November 2009

It's Been A While

We have been in our new place, oh, some two and a half months now and we are finally BACK ONLINE!!! Very exciting to be able to check out again all my favourite blogs and things and I am looking forward to actually emailing people again now!

I have been musing on what to do with my blog, whether to rename it or have a fresh start and I haven't quite decided yet. Any suggestions for a more appropriate name for this new season of life would be most appreciated! I was trying to redesign it in more autumnal colours but the choice on blogger of templates is not very exciting I'm afraid.

As I reflect on all these major issues (!) here is a quick summary of what our life consists of right now...

House - is a nice if somewhat chilly place! We have settled in now and covered the walls with our pictures and children's stuff so it looks very homely and lived in. We got our new three seater sofa last week to everyone's delight - the first time we have had a sofa the entire family fits onto!

Garden - is lovely but with the changing season we are not seeing as much of it as we were! I love hanging my washing out though and listening to the trees rustle and birds singing.

Homeschool - did I mention we are homeschooling this year? It is proving great fun - freedom and flexibility are two advantages not to mention more time together as a family. Before Bertie started work we were able to make numerous trips out together, now we are staying more local with regular trips over to north London.

The area - we are getting to know and appreciate it, though I did have a pang of regret when we visited Hampstead Heath recently. Oh I miss being next door to the Heath! We have several pleasant parks around, good transport links, a lovely forest or two...that'll do us nicely!

Church - we are attending our friends' very local church - 5 minutes walk away! There are lots of little girls there which the girls are of course thrilled about and we are enjoying making friends there and getting involved in various activities.

Work - this one has been a bit frustrating, as Bertie first had to wait ages for his CRB then was just getting a bit of supply work every now and then. However, great news! This very week he was offered a permanent post starting the next day! We are thrilled about this, though less so about the location (one hour's commute) however, just think of all that reading time!

Plenty more to say but that can wait for another day.


Missus Wookie said...

Hurrah! Congratulations Bertie on the CRB & Job :)

Glad you are feeling settled.

Malcolm said...

Hallo Hevs,

Welcome back to the internet. Just in case you don't know, I started a new blog. It is at:

As soon as I have posted this, I am going to go back to Facebook to update the Nicola Fixx page.


Malcolm said...

Oops. the full address is chopped off. After Myrmicat_Forever/ it goes Welcome.html

papa said...

Welcome back o long lost (to the inernet) soul. Personally I like the colour of the site. Re Name: East London Innit; Redbridge Fancies.

kirsty said...


I've missed you so much! Glad I took it upon myself to check if you were back online!

Love to you all and huge congratulations to Bertie!

Mwa mwa mwa!

Hevs said...

With a response like that, I guess I shall keep going, even if my blog identity crisis is not quite resolved...!