Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Family Photos

When I first came here 8 years ago I was shown through all the family photos which were scattered here there and everywhere with no evident order or purpose throughout various albums in different stages of decay. Oh how I longed to get my hands on them and order them!
Well now my wish has been realised! Mamie has let me loose with the photos and over the past months I have been ordering them bit by bit and trying to decide how to present them. Now I have purchased a large album, I have been able to get started - I decided to put them in date order as much as possible but it is not always clear when they were taken (or even who they were of! Usually Bertie is more reliable than his Mum but I feel like Colombo always asking him just one more thing...!). I am also trying to put in important dates (birthdays, marriages, moving country etc).
The early photos of the children's baptisms and religious celebrations (First Communion, Confirmation, Renonce) are the best and I have put a selection below. After that they are a real jumble - some photos I look at and wonder why on earth did they take this! But all in all I feel better acquainted with the family as a result and I hope that it will be helpful for other outsiders who come into the family.
So here with have Papy (age 16), Mamie (age 21) both bottom left and centre, Bertie's baptism (his sister is his godmother - marraine) and bottom left a selection of different siblings and their communions etc.


Mum said...

I am wondering how you've managed to get these old photos into the computer, didn't think you had a scanner so did you photograph them?
Its lovely to see them anyway.

R.J. ABAD said...

I have just come across this blog and the entries are great;photos, really interesting. So it's bad that you aren't updating this as much as you should. Anyway if there’s a need for you to do image resize and do image compression, you might need a good photo resizer like at Anyway, Thanks for this entry. I will follow more of your blogs.

Hevs said...

I just photographed these, works well!
Thanks for your kind comments RJAbad, I thought I was doing pretty well blogging as often as I do with 3 kids!!! The problem was not so much with resizing photos but changing my camera settings, all sorted now!