Monday, 27 April 2009

Ste Anne

Tuesday 7 April

The nice thing about having visitors (and there not being a strike on!) is that you are motivated to get out and about far more than you would usually. I am afraid we have become very much like the locals, taking the beach for granted and almost forgetting about it much of the time! But what a wonderful place it is, with fun and exercise and beauty for the youngest to the oldest, all for absolutely nothing! What's not to like?! (Apart from the salt and the sand of course. But that might just be me.)
It is definitely getting easier to go there now that our trio are a bit older, and to see the immense joy it gives JoJo to go running and splashing in the water before splatting the castles so carefully constructed is worth all the effort of getting our bags and bags of stuff ready (you wouldn't believe we were just heading off for a couple of hours) and all the rinsing, changing, sand in the car, washing etc etc.
The day sped by and our departure to Ste Anne was much later than planned, added to by that sad feature of Gwada Life, a lengthy traffic jam. However, the later you arrive the more chance of finding a parking space (the beaches were packed out all week due to it being school holidays) and the fewer the people on the beach. We also stayed late enough for a new experience for me - moonlight picnic on the beach! We watched the moonlight streaming across the water and gobbled down our hot potates (great suggestion for beach tea - warms up the coldest bodies!) before it got simply too dark to see them any more. Bertie kindly queued for our chi chis (with chocolate sauce - delicious!) and then we fumbled around in the dark hoping not to leave anything (or anyone!) behind. In fact, we actually made it home with an extra swimming ring!


Giullietta said...

I've been checking every morning - its called living in hope! so what a nice surprise today.
we've been a bit starved of news for the last month.
I like the panoramic way of dealing with photos. At first I thought it was Jojo between the girls, then I thought no he cant have grown so much, you must have taken J*** to the beach, then I rememberd it was BF!!!
The euro is presently £1.24

Missus Wookie said...

Wookie points out that the beach is merely where dirt meets water... he's not a fan. But we try and do at least one day a year there. As I gazed down at the channel on Saturday I did think of your much nicer (and warmer) beaches!

eviewinter said...

Happy to see you blogging again, I have never heard of that problem so big thanks to the man who fixed it!
ps did you know you can resize photos by exporting pictutes in picassa (just by moving them to different folder)?
Just finished house at riverton, good book, preferred the other one - been off sick today as a result of apple crumble yesterday and a bit of a cold :(