Thursday, 2 April 2009

What We Have Been Up To

The past week has been punctuated by the electricity and water going off frequently - and usually not at the same time, so it has been almost impossible to use the washing machine. Bertie thought that the former was to do with a lack of resources to run the electricity since the strike, whilst the latter was the more mundane reason that there are so many leaks here (and we thought London was bad!). In any case, it is so normal now that we barely notice it, and just make sure that we constantly fill up our many bottles when there is water, and keep saving any documents on the computer in case it suddenly goes off.

I finally worked out how to reduce the size of my photos so I have much more space on the computer (I had to be very ruthless about what old photos and videos to keep!). It also makes uploading photos so much speedier, hurray!

Bertie brought home some more fruits of his labour. Vegetables rather. Yum yum!

There has been lots of rain surprisingly, but he is very glad about that for his garden's sake. It does mean that there are all these tempting pots of water to play with downstairs for the kids, but they know now not to go near them when Papy and Mamie are around....
Bertie made another of his cakes for his niece's birthday - delicious! I got her the third Narnia book and am hoping that she will lend it back to me when she has finished it!
Monday we went shopping and bought so much food! It is definitely a stocking up mentality resulting from the strike! In order to fit it all in the freezer, I had to get rid of all the ice - just look at how much there was. I must have lost half the capacity because of it!
Cleaning the fridge and freezer was part of my Huge Tidy Up plan before our guests arrive this weekend. Haven't got any further though, so I must get a move on!
Early one morning I saw my first cockroach in months, so I did the necessary and doused it in spray then WHACKED it, all without Bertie's help! I was relieved!
Today we went shopping for various items and came back with lots of goodies, including this, which the girls are thrilled about. Bertie just came back with a headache. Shopping and him don't agree!
Tonight he has gone fishing in St Francois with a friend and a brother. I am hoping he will come back with several kilos of fish!!
Oh, and my very kind husband gave me a lie-in this morning whilst he made the kids crepes. What a gem!


Mum said...

Had fun trying to work out where you took the vegetable photos! The carrots look good - my Readers Digest book of Gardening says its irregular water supply that causes split roots.So its interesting you've had plenty rain and single roots ends.
You'll have to take your washing to the river near the cascade, or the beach?
I'd like to know about resizing the photos. Can you restore them to the original size if you want to print them large?
Well done for dealing with the cockroach! I am amused to see that the word for a female one is 'blatte' - onomatapoeic of when you whack them?!

bachman said...

Poor Alberto and hopping - and he does so many other things like working out at Pika in the sin and not a sign of a headache,. Strange. Another time he could give you a rest period while he plays a quiet game, so you can report later that 'Alberto made the kids creep!

Hevs said...

Ah that's interesting about the carrots.
The photos setting has been changed on the camera so all the new ones are smaller - you can do sth on picasso and it doesnt affect the original size (i think it changes ones you email etc).
He could indeed make the kids creep...but i certainly hope he isnt working in Pika in the sin!!