Monday, 15 December 2008

9 Month Check-Up

CassCass and I took Baby JoJo to the dispensaire on Friday for his 9 month check. Here are his vital statistics:
Weight - 9.04 kilos
Length - 72.5 cm
Head -45.5 cm
The doctor checked his chest, ears, mouth, eyes and all is well. She was very pleased with all his teeth - one is now pretty much fully through and the other 3 front teeth have just started coming through this week. They were also pleased to learn that he eats well, and doesn't turn his nose up at all the fine local produce!
Did I say that he has started clapping now? Very cute, and a nice addition to the banging on the table. His other two new tricks are 1. Screeching. Very very loudly. It reminds me of our little friend Caitlyn when she was young! 2. Spitting out his food (not because he doesn't like it, just because it's funny). Ah well!
He is so sweet crawling along, and speeding up when he sees something interesting, like an open door - or Daddy's legs!
He was less sweet when he found his dirty nappy (it was on its way to the bin, honest!) and behind my back managed to open it and spread its contents on the floor and himself...I am trying not to think about it going in his mouth!
Next check-up will be for one year - it is coming so soon!


Mum said...

Lovely to hear how JoJo is progressing! I keep meaning to ask what happened about the rash on Lissa's foot - has it cleared up? what did you put on it?
oh - it must be a flea market - so Alberto was calling you a flea?!!!

Mum said...

A couple of days before your post I had been telling Evie how you two decorated our tree - so much tinsel you couldn't see the tree! I had to wait until you were grown up before I got an an aeathetically pleasing tree,Evie has done it beautifully again this year.
and you just change it when they've gone to bed!!!
do you remember how the ceiling decorations got higher and higher each year depending on how high you could reach.