Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Woe Is Me

You may have noticed a lack of entries recently...well this has not been due to the busy Christmas season, but rather, more internet problems, sigh. Ok; so it would have helped if we had paid our bill on time (!) but Mediaserve could have reinstated us in the 24 hours they promised, rather than 5 days...
But before that could happen, further disaster struck, of a more long term nature. This time in the shape of CassCass and a glass of milk and the laptop and, er, you get the picture! It is now out of action and I am wondering if I will ever again see my photos and accounts and things. (Yes I know I should have had them saved elsewhere, yes I know CassCass shouldn't be allowed near the computer with milk! Guilty on both counts!)
At first the computer would only beep and show an error message, then Bertie opened it up and now it at least gets as far as the log in page for your password, but now the keyboard doesn't work so we can go no further. And I am back at my SIL's getting bitten by mosquitoes and struggling with azerty!


bachman said...

Ah but you struggle so well and successfully - or is that only after another hour of editing!!

Hevs said...

This one was edited but the longer ones much less so - as you can see!