Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Plage Des Amandiers

Last Wednesday morning we set off rather late (we got carried away cooking, playing and mending bikes - I leave you to guess who was doing which!) into Basse-Terre for a change. I had in mind to go to Plage des Amandiers (almond trees) which someone had mentioned. First we drove too far and found Plage de Cluny, which stated "Plage dangereuse" - er, not that one then! So we drove back a bit and found our goal, and with the powerful waves, decided it was not much better!


However, by now it was so late, we decided to stay and have our picnic and a run around there. There is a huge picnic space with little huts and tables (have a look here to get the idea www.karaibes.com/PICT0095.JPG) and it made for a lovely setting. The wind blew everything everywhere and the girls found playing in the car more interesting than running around, strange!
After our lunch, we went for a walk by the sea which you can see in the photo, watching the crabs (touloulou, an orangey colour) skittle back into their holes as we passed and appreciating the nature outside of the sea for a change.
We ventured down to the sea to dip our toes in and boy, was it rough! It almost swept my flipflops away (from my feet!) and then, shriek! shock! horror! it did sweep LissaLou's away! Bertie bravely ran into the sea and got wet up to his, er, derriere, but only managed to retrieve one. To calm the very upset little girl, we then made up a story about where the other one was off to - Marie-Galante, Martinique, France, Spain, over to the UK, perhaps then to Holland? One day I shall put it in book form for her! The promise of a new pair dried those tears away but the experience left them skittling away from the sea, so we decided it was time to head home!
LissaLou was particularly comforted by two stories from our wild youth - when Tatie Evie kicked her shoe into the Thames on a Sunday School outing, and hopped home in the leaders' socks, and when Mummy kicked a ball - and her shoe - into the neighbour's duck pond!


Grandma said...

oh dear was it one of the new sandals?

Hevs said...

No they wouldn't have come off easily. It was the blue seaside flip flops she has.

evie said...

Oh dear, I remember my shoe going into the Thames. That was a funny incident.
I saw Olivia the other day when we went to the pastorate party and told her this story which kept her amused. She remembers Liss and Cass so well.