Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Playing Houses

This is what I felt like yesterday, as with Mamie gone for three weeks, we are now kind of in charge of the house. Papy believes very strongly in the division of roles - he goes off to work (previously he moved wooden houses from one place to another, now it is a morning at Pika) and his wife does absolutely everything else. Cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing, washing up, the lot! In Mamie's absence, he will just sit at the table watching tv and wait for his food to turn up...someday!
So yesterday I began by tidying up Mamie's stall from which she sells her fruit and veg. It looks a bit neater than this now! Then I arranged a lovely bouquet of flowers which Papy had brought from Pika, the rest of which has gone over to France. I swept all the floors and washed our stairs...and then brought Baby JoJo down to enjoy crawling around at his leisure with no fear of him eating unwanted items or coming across hazardous tools and things. CassCass lined up her dominoes and pretended they were train tracks for her Thomas trains and Happyland toys. It never ceases to amaze me how the girls can entertain themselves for hours - either alone or together - with these two sets of toys. CassCass still prefers just lining up everything and pushing along, whilst LissaLou accompanies her playing with lots of chatting, often in French, when it is usually shouted or said in a very stern tone, which I attribute to her maitresse!
Bertie was unexpectedly home, due to another strike, so when LissaLou came home we had a lovely walk down the by the sea. Have a look at these photos for what we saw. The cow looked a bit menacing so we hurried past as far away as possible. Whilst we came past the shipwreck (which really is an eyesore that I wish they would remove!) we saw the plane we arrived on and that Grandma left on flying in, so we watched it and waved as it turned and came along right in front of us. When we got to the pier, it was like standing on a boat, it swayed so much in the wind! So no dipping our toes in today. The girls ran up the hill and then ran most of the way home - don't know how they do it!
We finished the day when the girls were in bed with a game of scrabble - I began with my first ever scrabble (fraises) and won the game by 50 points - hurray!

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