Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Walk By The Sea

(Wednesday 29/10)
Off for our walk down our road - it is so nice to have coconut trees lining the streets here!
Turn off our road and the hill leads straight to the seaBut there are various obstacles to manoeuvre first - this one was far too close for comfort! And I could have done with a 4x4 rather than a buggy to get through the grass.Admire the local widlife on the wayMade it to the pier! Just on the right is where LissaLou fell in a few weeks back, so you can imagine I was a bit jittery with the girls running along! Happily Bertie turned up to provide an extra set of hands
Not often we get a photo of a family outing.Then it was off with those shoes, swing those legs overand dip those toes in!
What gorgeous girls!


evie said...

It is all just so blue! Its great to see these photos in context and its interesting how you and mum are creating such different blog entries demonstrating like in gwada with the same set of photos.

Anonymous said...

Pics are so lovely! Well done your mum! Can't believe how tall the girls are getting!! Yve x

Hevs said...

I suspected mum would concentrate on the flowers when I saw how many she had taken of them!
Yes they are tall - LissaLou has shot up and everyone is surprised CassCass is only two still - she is a head taller than one of LissaLou's best friends in her class!