Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Down By Our Seaside

On Monday late afternoon we walked along the bit of the coast a few minutes from our house to the new port that has been built; people go diving and swimming there but it was too deep for us so we just dipped our feet in.
Here are the cousins on the way - with the ever present Dora of course!
Look who we saw on the way! This boat crashed in autumn 1989 with Hurricane Hugo, which devastated the island and the mangrove along the coast. Not quite sure why they haven't got round to moving it yet!
Our bit of the coast - the sea looks pretty grimy here
Keeping four excited under 6s from falling in was no mean feat!
A lot of effort was put into getting some smiles from Baby JoJo!
Ooer, hold on tight!
Very refreshing to dip our toes into
One more adventurous nephew belly flopped in several times Can you see the splash?!
LissaLou spent her time winding up her cousin and nearly got thrown in for her trouble!
Sun setting +mosquitoes out = time to head home!


bachman said...

winding up her cousin - is that by action or is she now speaking french more?

Hevs said...

Definitely action, though she has learnt important phrases such as NON! and c'est à moi!!!

Susan said...

Animal Farm springs to mind ... and perhaps Treasure Island? (Or Pirates of the Caribbean?) Oh, it all looks idyllic. Keep it coming!

Mum said...

I would really like some indication of which cousins are which so that I will kknow them when I come. Code names will do...