Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Comings And Goings

On Saturday, our fridge came! Hurray! It is lovely to have one upstairs so no need to traipse up and down for water and things. It is still very empty but we will get to work on that!

We also got a cupboard which makes the kitchen look a bit more like one. Now we just have to work on CassCass' new habit of helping herself to whatever is in the fridge or cupboard! Today she turned up with a very chocolatey face having found some truffles left by Bertie's sister... The problem with fridges here is they all have the icebox/freezer at the top, which makes the fridge a) very accessible for kids b) very inaccessible for adults! I will be constantly bending down to get water and things from the bottom. I definitely prefer our UK style with freezer on the bottom. I am further justified in this as I read it is also the most environmentally friendly style too!

On Sunday Bertie's sister and her family set off back to France so it was a flurry of activity all day as they packed, said farewells, had a big family lunch... Those familiar with Bertie's family and their luggage won't be surprised to know they had too many kilos and had to send stuff back with Bertie! It is now waiting for the next traveller to take (be warned mum!!).

How quiet it was once they had set off and everyone gone home! Two sisters played scrabble - they play at such a speed and in french that I don't dare join in and slow the game down! So instead I made a nice yoghurt cake with my niece Stella. Delicious!

We went to the house church run by the Texans in the morning and having no car, I suggested walking. Twenty five VERY hot minutes in the burning sun on the hottest day for the last month, ouch! Thankfully a lady gave us a lift up the hill at the end and then a lift home again. We keep our eyes peeled for a car!

Still waiting for our cooker to come - two weeks since we ordered?!

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bachman said...

France may be only across the channel or through the tunnel but it seems like a whole new world out there - culture shock seems just the word despite the holidays you have had there. And barely will you have begun to master it than...!