Wednesday, 24 September 2008

More Rain

We have had more rain this month so far than we see all year in the UK! We are getting used to the grey skies and indoor life, but it is taking far longer to dry our clothes. I have also noticed that whether or not it was raining previously, it will without fail begin to pour down torrentially as soon as it is time to pick up LissaLou! My research shows that September is the worst month for rain (so don't visit the Caribbean during that month!) and on the plus side, it is soo much cooler. I have even enjoyed a couple of cups of tea and been forced to turn off the ventilator and put a sheet on my bed! I am told that December is downright cool (23 degrees or so?!) so I am looking forward to that.

The change in temperature has brought most people out in colds, we could hear them coughing around LissaLou's school, Papy has a huge new box of medicines to add to his ENORMOUS existing collection, and the children have all been coughing and spluttering away. Poor Baby JoJo has been very pathetic, even to the point of throwing up his food from so much coughing. It reminds me of his first months when he was snoring and snuffling constantly. I see what they mean about babies with siblings at nursery getting more colds! They are all on the mend now though.

In the pouring rain yesterday, Bertie took a shower, cousin Steeven skidded and breakdanced on the floor and CassCass managed three changes of clothing as she played in the water, not to mention wandering out in a towel, presumably in an effort to keep dry!

Not really rain-related but Mamie brought home some new chickens for her flock? brood? and they are very cute. One managed to escape its box and headed upstairs to visit us. The others laughed at me as I tried in vain to catch it - in my defence, I didn't want to hurt it, or vice versa, and after all I am a Londoner born and bred and have never held a chicken before! Bertie did the honours in the end and now they are waiting in their box to go to Pika. The chickens there do produce eggs, but these are often eaten by mongoose (mongeese?). So many linguistic queries this morning, Bertie and I will be discussing them for hours!

Our current old banger belonging to Bertie's brother Richard who is working in St Martin has a small leak and needs a pipe replacing so we are borrowing another one and getting ready for our weekly beach trip. So many beaches to choose from, which one shall it be...?!


evie said...

I couldn't help smile at the memories of killing a chicken in SA and because I am a Londoner, I tortured the thing first.
No mind, practice makes perfect and good on you for having more care for the chicken's safety than I did:)

APE said...

i'm no longer a kid but still enjoy having a shower in the rain when it's pouring. it's fun and very good for the environment which Hevs forgot to mention in her post.Some people say to get dry as soon as you get inside or you ridk catching a bad that another myth or pure wisdom from those who've lived the life?!