Friday, 5 September 2008

What We Have Achieved This Week

Baby JoJo has enjoyed avocado, carrot, apple, banana and had a few sad moments with his first tooth coming through...

LissaLou has managed three days at school. Her french is getting so much better, which is lovely to see, but she leaves each mirning (and afternoon!) in a rather tearful state. It is reassuring to know that she is fine when she is there! She has made two friends called Leah and Jade (she thinks) and she understand some but not all of what they say! Alongside the teacher, each class has a Tatie and LissaLou's is a lovely lady called Marie-France who she likes a lot.

CassCass was able to follow all of Papy's instructions and carry them out obediently. It is great to see the relationship that is building up there, with the help of some biccies and chocolates and guavas slipped their way! (Grandparents are alike world over!) After many days of silence, it is lovely to hear their bright "Bonjour papy! bonjour mamie!" each morning.

Bertie found himself some work! It is a private school that teaches English, run by a Zimbabwean lady. He will be working...Saturday morning, groan! "I've never worked saturday in my life" he exclaimed! There may be additional work on...Wednesday. Of course, it would be LissaLou's day off, sigh! Furthermore, he went to see the owner today, criticised her method of painting, and got a job repainting the building! Go boy!

Bertie has also taken our social security application a step nearer completion and applied for a bank account at La Poste. This required...proof of address, his mum's ID card, both our passports, our livret de famille, a final payslip...and that was just to get a card that lets you withdraw money and no more!

We have started rearranging our upstairs flat and it is feeling very homely. We have a tv now, ooerr! Not very good for us I am sure, but thankfully there is very little to watch on it and I have been lent some more books so I have no time for it anyway! Unfortunately for Bertie it won't show the Ryder Cup, coming soon.

As part of this work, we have got rid of lots of poor Mamie's junk! The rubbish truck passed at a very opportune time this week. And the big event...we finally have our own room! So exciting! Baby JoJo is in with us but in a corridor section and with a stand separating us, so it hardly feels like he is there. The girls were reassigned to their lot by their pink and green mosquito nets and the masses of space they now have to play in.

All the kids are back at school so it is very quiet here. Several of them start at...gasp...7am! I don't know how they do it!

On a sad note, the mango season is finished until next spring, but we are delighted to be enjoying guavas, cerises de pays and cythères. Yum!

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Grandma said...

I have been thinking about next week, when Joel has his half birthday - 6 months. In the absence of the camera one solution would be to measure him and measure and measure baby Luke and we could work out for ourselves how he has grown.
On the other hand, you might be able to borrow a camera.
PS I enjoyed reading this blog.