Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Six Months! Half A Year Already!

Sorry for the lack of picture, but I can assure you that Baby JoJo continues to develop into a lovely big baby.

He is now happily rolling onto his tummy and stays propped up for a while watching the world around, although he still hasn't learnt how to roll back again! He can also sit up for a while, unless he decides to reach for something or sway, in which case he collapses flat.

He goes to any admirer so happily, which is handy as there are so many of them around! He lies cheerfully on the floor playing with the toys we have brought along, but never stays on the mat for long. No idea how he gets off though! His favourite amusement is still watching his sisters, especially when they go crazy around him. In fact, it is the times when we warn them most to be careful that he is the happiest!

Baby JoJo sits happily in his bumbo eating breakfast and lunch now. We have tried carrot, sweet potato, pear, apple, banana and baby rice, all goes down pretty well. But he still can't keep his eyes off whatever we are eating! It is still such hot work feeding the poor boy and watching him sweat away.

I have got his sleeps a bit more organised which is great, so now he wakes usually around 6.30am then sleeps around 9am for an hour and after lunch, between one and two pm he will sleep for 2 hours or so. I have been trying to get him to sleep in the evening but not successfully yet, so usually he goes to sleep around 8 or 9pm for the night.

He can be such a noisy baby! During the prayer meeting I went to, he was babbling and gurgling at the top of his voice! But there was worse to come...time for his latest trick of blowing raspberries! They really enhanced the meeting!

I am very glad that our shipping has just arrived as he is really growing out of his 6-9 month clothes and the new ones are (hopefully!) in one of those boxes!

Amazing to think of all the changes that take place during the next six months!

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Grandma said...

Well done Baby JOJO!
Do I remember Lissa Lou joining in a prayer meeting? God certainly doesn't mind.
What weight is he?