Friday, 19 September 2008

Going Wireless

Today is a splendid day...after many weeks of waiting, Bertie finally visited mediaserve and set up an account with them. They said it would take 10 days or so to get our phone and internet connection, but in fact surpassed themselves and did it in 5. Meanwhile, my BIL said that our (dodgey old) computer would not work with the internet - frustration! But lovely man that he is, he offered to put a computer together for us. He has 4 working in his house and the parts for several more under the bed and behind the sofa apparently! This sounded great, but the impatient side of me wondered how long it would actually take and the tidy side of me wondered where we would stick it in our upstairs flat and the practical side of me wondered how we would get a wire from the downstairs to the upstairs without the girls damaging it... Then came wi-fi! We hadn't looked into it before thinking it to be too expensive but it turned out to be a very reasonable €29. So here I am sitting upstairs in my own little flat, tapping away on my faithful little laptop, ready to catch up on many many blogs and other things....Bliss! The only problem now is that I keep typing azerty instead of qwerty!

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