Friday, 12 September 2008

Popping By

Oh dear, I haven't been online for a while... but the good news is that Bertie has got himself organised and set up an internet account. It should be ready in the next 5-10 (presumably working) days and I am very excited! Unfortunately I am no further at sorting out my camera, sigh! So once we are all hooked up I will be able to get emailing and replying to your lovely comments, not to mention catching up on all your own blogs and and surfing around.

He has also delivered our new cooker today - hurray! I think 3 and a half weeks is quite sufficient time to wait! I am looking forward to taking charge of my cooking, sticking in a few more veg, taking out a lot of salt, and not getting odd looks for all the pasta that we eat!

And to complete the trio, Bertie brought home our boxes of shipping. I am looking forward to unpacking and seeing what I put in during those crazy final days - I have no idea now! I do hope I brought my lovely recipe for banana cake, courtesy of Mei-Li's mum, as I am looking forward to making one with all the bananas around me.

Bertie got on fine at his teaching post on Saturday and we survived without him! I went to a women's prayer meeting after and he took the girls shopping and got LissaLou some very pink noddy trainers.

I am a bit concerned about LissaLou's obssession with shopping (and bemused as to where she gets it from!). On Wednesday we went to the beach for the morning then Bertie took the girls with him to the shopping centre. That evening as we went through our things to say thank you for during our prayers, LissaLou listed "going shopping, buying sugar cakes there, going on two escalators, one steps the other flat..." In response to my "didn't we do anything else?" it was finally CassCass who mentioned the beach!

LissaLou still cries when we leave her at school - twice a day, sigh! But she tells us she is fine after a few minutes. She now has three friends, Leah, Jade and Emma. It is funny hearing her tell us what the maitresse said and lovely hearing her french. She was translating for CassCass today!

CassCass woke this morning at 5.30am (ouch) and came running into our room crying that there was a bee in her bed. Bertie went to investigate (not very seriously, as anything from a flea to a moth could be a bee for her!) and ended up swopping places with her. A little later, I asked what the bee looked like, and she looked wide-eyed and beaming at me as she replied "like a princess!" The mind boggles.

We have not had any hurricanes, unlike the poor Haiti, but we have had SO much rain. You seriously can't imagine how much it is unless you have been in a monsoon! Our routine is Bertie drops LissaLou at school and I collect her, and it always seems to fall when I have to go! It is incredible how quickly the roads become rivers which I wade through. Equally incredible is how quickly the water goes. On the downside, we haven't been to the park as much and it is all dark upstairs when it rains, as we have to close the shutters (no glass!).

Bertie has been working at Pika with his dad this week, which is a great encouragement for his dad and a pleasure for him. He has been working on a vegetable patch which should be fruitful in January.

Look out for the next update on Baby JoJo who hits six months on the 16th!


bachman said...

When I was teaching in the school off Holloway Road it was quite customary for the rain to come on five minutes before the school finished and last for say ten minutes or so, thus catching all those poor parents!!

Mum/Grandma said...

Thats funny - it happened on the way home from st jude's as well - Iremember coming home and making everyone a hot chocolate- we were so wet and cold.
Then we made a book about it...never miss a teaching opportunity!
I wondered why the bee made CassCass cry if it was as pretty as a princess...It probably just shows what I always suspected - you children just make up answers for your parents silly questions!

Mum said...

Its just ocurred to me that She probably thought her mummy looked like a princess - she was so pleased to be beside her again.

bachman said...

Did Alyssa not have a fairy princess outfit which had wings, and if this creature, whatever its nature, had wings, it would remind Cass of that outfit. After all, when you asked what did the creature look like, she must have thought you were asking her to compare it to something else. This meant she had to look around in her mind for something with which she had experience. The fact that you were simply asking for a clear account of the creature's physical appearance did not occur to her. Hence the reply. Seems logical enough to me, but then when have I ever been reliably logical??!!

Mei-Li said...

LissaLou is definitely a very girly girl what with her love of shoes, handbags and shopping!

Mei-Li said...

Also, I can send the banana cake recipe again if you want.

Hevs said...

Tee hee, thanks for your contributions!
Pleeeese send the recipe Mei-li!