Sunday, 15 March 2009

Le Careme

We are now into Le Careme, a word with two meanings - Lent and the dry season. In great contrast to the constant ferocious rains of last July - November during the hurricane season, it is hardly raining at all now and the plants are beginning to feel it. The temperature has also crept up and I am beginning to feel it! It remains very cool in the morning and evenings though. Every time I comment on the heat, someone will nod knowingly and comment "ah, c'est le careme" and most of my local friends prefer this season as it is beginning to warm up!

We went back to Pika on Thursday to give Bertie's crops some desperately needed water - Mamie and Papy are watering more or less daily and many plants are nevertheless withering. Have a look at the state of the ground there However the heat has not stopped Bertie's carrots from coming on nicely - we have picked about 6 so far. They are tasty but very odd looking with several roots on each one, which Mamie attributes to him digging them up and replanting them. We live and learn.

In order to keep the crops cooler and make the most of the water they get, Mamie recommend Bertie cover them with coconut tree leaves.
Other crops that have been picked and enjoyed are coriander (so delicious in a curry!) and corn on the cob. Mamie's pineapples are growing nicely - I never realised how pretty they begin life!

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