Thursday, 26 March 2009

Photos In Thirds

Sister Evs has been teaching me about the rule of thirds in photography so I tried to put it into practice today at Deshaies - how did I do Evs and what would you do differently?
These boys were having a great time trying to drown each other all the time we were there

Not strictly taken in thirds but I thought this was a beautiful boat and a great picture!


bachman said...

Here and your blogs below are so captivating, especially as we see Joel gradually finding his way around this big big world.Re the pink sky - just make sure it isn't an elephant.

evie winter said...

Good effort sis! Like the way you got the subjects off centre in the first two pics although the third one, (I think its LissaLou?) still looks centred to me. Next step is making the subject off centre and the horizon off centre. So the horizon off the sea /land vs sky being in either the top or bottom half of the picture. Its a little harder but worth practicing.
My favourite picture is Alberto and Jojo walking along the beach:)

Hevs said...

Ah thanks Dad - but where does the elephant come into it I wonder...
Thanks very much Evs, I will work on that. I didnt realise the subject was supposed to be off centre, I thought it just had to be one of the three thirds (hence LissaLou was in the middle third!)