Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Our Living Room - Guest Room

Continuing our house tour, part three sees the original living room that was changed in to a separate bedroom. We use it as our living room (it has a sofa and tv) but there is still a huge bed there showing its other purpose. When guests aren't here (and even when they are!) that doubles up as a table or chair or trampoline or storage area or computer desk... The wardrobe also makes a pretty cool hiding place for the girls - before I caught on to this is was very strange seeing the door slide with no one apparently touching it!

Another one of our funny little halls - leading on to the balcony. I may have mentioned before the obsession with bed mattresses here, each bed having at least two if not more. For want of another place to keep it, we usually store one of our space mattresses here and the girls love jumping off the sofa onto it (often heartstoppingly close to Baby JoJo) and then doing a rolypoly. Bertie also takes his siestas there by the coolness of the open door.
Moving in a bit - the far door leads to the hallway, and opposite is the girls' room with our room on the right. It really is a myriad of doors here and quite fun to run around and pop up in the least expected place.Standing in front of the couch now - this door leads onto the first hallway and the stairs, with the sliding door on the right. This mirror is the only one in the house! Can you see our flying pig at the top of the photo....shocks everyone who comes in, the latest being Papy who thought it was a bat! (Didn't say whether he thought it was real or not....)And the final view - you can see our Birthday Wall where currently LissaLou has her photos up. Soon it will be Baby JoJo's turn!


bachman said...

What a versatile bed you have. It reminds of an old John Denver song: "Grandma's feather bed" - very funny if I remember right. I am intrigued at the idea of jumping onto a space mattress: "One small jump for mankind...and away you go through the airless moon" It wasn't an idea I thought of when I wrote a certain story about two intrepid travellers...!"

Hevs said...

Wow a space mattress...perhaps it has no concept of gravity - the girls jumping on it certainly don't until they land on the floor with a resounding bump.