Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Our Room

I do love my room here - it is already a vast improvement to go from three children in with us to a mere one (hidden away too!) but on top of that, it is large and airy, has a balcony and there is not a hint of damp! Nor have I seen any cockroaches in months, so my cup overfloweth!
Here is the entrance from the balcony - our third and final little hallway which has become JoJo's area. We have a handy screen to block the light out for him - unfortunately now he is up and around he has a tendency to pull that and the fan over. See the junk area next to his cot, complete with Bertie's golf clubs!
The view of the room from next to JoJo's bed- all that lovely space!The window looks out on to the mountains in the distance and gets fine views of the sun settingThe door leads to the hallway and the rest of the flat, but watch out not to knock your head on that low bit!Our bed with its Most Useless Mosquito Net Ever Designed - 13 gaps for them to fly in through! Now I just use a sheet and keep it for its aesthetic value.And here is possibly the Most Useless Cupboard Design Ever! Lovely how it fits in the corner and it is huge, but with the tiny door in the front you can't actually access all that space! We have just put his sister's stuff in there. This is supposed to be our changing mat but there is always stuff heaped there and now JoJo tends to cause too much damage to the pictures and things anyway.

Next stop (when I have tidied them!) will be the girls' room and finally the bathroom.

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have a look at Mrs Wookie's latest blog - she's got a you tube video of The Hungry Caterpillar by a school in Walthamtow!