Sunday, 15 March 2009

Leaving On A High

Sister Evs' three weeks which have sped past came to an end this past Wednesday. Despite her visit being marred by the strike, she had a good time and got to see a few choice parts of the island. However, there is still so much to see she will obviously have to return for another visit in the future!

The day before she left, we took her along to the beach at Ste Anne (for what is a trip to Guadeloupe without a bathe at Ste Anne....). She was suitably impressed and agreed that this is what you expect when you come to the Caribbean - clear blue sea and soft white sand etc etc. We thought the water was cold (the kids' teeth were chattering!) but she loved it!

It was so quiet there - on a school day there are only retired tourists there - well, at least until our crowd turned up! They must have breathed a sigh of relief when we set off again!

You will see from the photos that Mum and LissaLou are missing - LissaLou finally went back to school to her delight and Mum kindly stayed behind to collect her. We all had a great time - Baby JoJo just loves splashing and wading through the water now (whether or not someone is holding him...!) and CassCass had a great time mostly on my back. We also enjoyed watching fish swimming about the rocks. Even Baby Luke entered into the swing of things!

Before leaving we treated ourselves to a magnum each - and at £3.30 each it certainly was a rare treat!! Somehow I don't think magnums will be on the list of the 100 basic foods to have their prices reduced!

Evs has put lots and lots of lovely photos and her own perspective of her stay here on her Got Passion site - go look, enjoy and comment!

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