Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Our Halls

Last month I started you on a tour of our house with a peek at our kitchen so let's carry on where we left off. Halls may not be all that exciting but they are jolly useful places!

I would just add that most these photos were taken the afternoon before Mum and Evs arrived, when after hours of scrubbing, the place was unusually tidy (gleaming even) - it really isn't generally like that!

At the top of the stairs opposite the kitchen is this random little hallwayleading to the balcony -one of three entrances to it. The upstairs was initially two bedrooms and a living room that you had to go through to get to the stairs but with all the family that keeps coming to stay, they decided another separate room was more useful, so they made various changes and added in this sliding door. Actually, first they added the doorway but the door only came a couple of years later! I was rather relieved to see it when we moved in, as it offers a bit more privacy and security.
This corridor used to be full of lots and lots and lots of junk which appeared to belong to no one in particular. Gradually, we have chucked items (we try to do it discreetly as Bertie's mum is very much a hoarder!) and moved others to hidden recesses downstairs. Now it is a lovely little space to sit and read or relax - very helpful with all the people currently in the house! We can't let Baby JoJo crawl unsupervised here as he heads straight for the stairs.
Through the sliding door to the right is this other hall - from this view the kitchen is at the far end on the right, the door and stairs are on the left and then the blue bit is the bathroom and the nearest door the girl's room. I love maps and we have two here - on the left is a very interesting National Explorer one of the Caribbean........and on the right is this one of Guadeloupe. It is fun to look at it and work out where you have been or are going (or which part of the coast was in the photo Mum took from the plane - working this one out took an hour of staring!).


bachman said...

I had forgotten about that question so thank you for highlighting the link to show you had answered it. And congratulations to you and especially Alberto. It isn't easy to do these things. I am amazed when I see a wartime air reconnaisance photograph taken for pilots to pinpoint targets, how the experts could work out what everything was that they could see, when to me it everything looks a blur.

kirsty said...

There seems to be a semi-naked man at the end of each corridor. Is this a house policy?

Hevs said...

Well we are in the hot Caribbean!! I guess that would be an unusual sight in Edinburgh right now...But you are most welcome to retain your clothes indoors should you prefer!
Yes i can see what you mean dad - things look nothing like they normally do from the air, changes your perspective entirely.