Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Back To Sainte Anne

Monday (3 November)
Bertie's sister kindly took LissaLou in her car (the girls were fighting over who got to go with her, as she has the coveted air con - ironically, the windows were wide open and she didn't even put it on, but I think being with the "Big Girls" was pleasure enough for LissaLou!) as well as her daughter and her friend and her granddaughter to the beach at Ste Anne so we could show Mum what real sea is like - none of this freezing North Sea business! It was nice that the adults weren't outnumber by the children for a change!We have a float for Baby JoJo but don't often use it now as he is always trying to drink the sea water. It is easier to keep him out this way!Just to remind you how blue it is!This brave lady made it into the water and quite deep down - I had forgotten she isn't a strong swimmer, so well done! Evidently the sun, sea and sand life suits her!
Bertie's sister and niece
Our friend who kindly lends us her car - enjoying a few minutes peace and a beautiful evening

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