Thursday, 6 November 2008

Can It Be?

I have a little something
pushing through my gum
It makes me rather drooly
whilst chewing on my thumb
It answers the big question
on everybody's lips
"Ou sont tes petites cannottes?"
when will they start, those nips?

It appeared first to my tatie
just two days ago
She left the parents in the dark
did they really need to know?
Well daddy learnt the hard hard way
with a little bite
As he put his finger in my mouth
it gave him quite a fright!


bachman said...

Ahhhh! what a cute rhyme! Is the word 'canottes' the slangy equivalent of e.g 'tootypegs' (or is it 'tuttypegs')?

Hevs said...

Ah, i wondered what the equivalent would be, all I could come up with was toothies!

Anonymous said...

Well done baby Jo Jo! Happy chomping!
(I didn't know u were a poet - impressive!!)
Is ur mum still with u?
Yve x

Hevs said...

Thanks Yve, I shall write you a poem one of these days! Mum has gone back now, so the photos can come!