Sunday, 16 November 2008

Tea At Judy's

I can't remember how long Judy rocked Baby JoJo to get this result!Does this photo convey how much grief the girls gave Pastor Al as they ran around shrieking at him?!Baby JoJo learns the more important skills in life - cup of tea anyone?I love this shot mum took!


Mum said...

Ah its all coming back - not that it had gone far!
Wish I'd done a photo of Judy's 'red velvet' cake - maybe I'll make one and blog that.

Up early here to get ready for the train to edinburgh.
Pack the case again!
I love it!

evie said...

Such beautiful children. Jojo definitely looks like he has some blond streaks there. I love the photo with pastor Al, the girls both look great in their matching dresses!

Anonymous said...

I just showed jd your pics and he is now really really wanting to get the money out of his money box, catch a plane and join LissaLou & CassCass at the seaside!! If only it was that simple! Yve x

Hevs said...

Thanks for your comments folks! Ah, how lovely it would be to have JD here with us! We keep seeing butterflies and snails and caterpillars he would love! When I get my camera we will send him some photos!