Sunday, 23 November 2008

LissaLou At School

Thursday (6 November)
Mum was delighted to get an opportunity to take LissaLou to school, meet her Maitresse and get a little tour around the classroom.
This is just outside her class
And this is her room, separate from the main part of the school (on the left), which is a bit of a problem when it rains and we all get wet!

We were also pleased to get her school photo just before Mum left. What a beauty! I'm not sure about the background though...and looking at the class photo, it would appear they were all told not to smile!
When we got home she painstakingly showed us every person in the class, until she came to an unfortunate named Lerry, and couldn't get past the fact that his name in english meant rice, which brought on giggles after giggles after giggles!


bachman said...

Is the head covering part of the school uniform. It makes her look quite cute.

Hevs said...

Lovely isn't it? It was actually a present from Tatie France-lise. No uniform until primary school here, after which it consists of a school t-shirt and denim shorts/skirt/jeans! Very imaginative!

Glen Hoddle said...

Lissalou has an 80s Chris Waddle mullet!!!!!!

Chris Waddle said...

Speak for yourself Hodds!

Hevs said...

Who let those two loose on my blog??