Thursday, 27 November 2008


It was brought to my attention that there is more on this blog about LissaLou and Baby JoJo - we can't have this! I don't want her feeling like the overlooked middle child...! So here is a little update on our growing green-eyed girl.
CassCass is so full of energy! Constantly running around the place, she loves jumping and imitates her big sister's star jumps pretty well. She and her two year old cousin are always delighted to play with each other, though it can turn rough pretty quickly!
I was most impressed that she wrote the first three letters of her name recently - listening and watching her sister has apparently given her a good grounding in letters and numbers. She loves playing with the bigger girls, and we often forget she is two years younger as she gets on pretty well keeping up with them. But she is also great at playing quietly on her own, chatting and singing to herself. Today she was singing a sweet little song they learnt at sunday school - yes, she now stays in sunday school with no tears! Hurray! Anyway, it was lovely watching her lips purse up for the french words!
She still hates the word no, and will burst into tears at it. She is quite in fear of Mamie and Papy who will tell her off if she goes downstairs with no knickers on (quite often) or even worse, nothing on altogether!!! Nudity is frowned on here... We are working on her obedience and there is definite improvement.

She loves her Daddy so very much and is always pleased to go out with him in the car somewhere. They have spent a lot of time at Pika recently where she runs and swings and has a fine time. So I was quite pleased she actually chose to come to my friend's house with me rather than go with him to Pika yesterday. We were doing baking, and our kind friend Marcelline produced a mixture for her to stir herself, which she did well and loved. Eventually, it went all over her hands, then got rubbed into her legs... At home when it goes silent she will often be found hidden behind the bathroom door emptying some tub or other (toothpaste, sun tan lotion, sudocreme, you name it!). Or she may be in the kitchen routing through the goodies in the fridge! Chocolate and compote are particular favourites!
Her speech is great, and she says lots of things in french now, though pretty basic sentences "Papy non pas la" and so on. I was very touched recently, when I chopped my little finger whilst cutting a sweet potato. Agony! Blood! CassCass came over and gave me a hug and a kiss and said "don't worry mummy!" She even tells me "I lub you mummy!" very occasionally!

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