Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hitting The Shops And The Pool

Whilst Bertie was at work, we took the girls and their cousin to the shopping centre near us. They love sitting in this car, so for a change I actually put a euro in it to get it movingOh if only I could be there too, Baby JoJo squealed!I have been thinking about getting a paddling pool for a while and so was delighted to find this one complete with ball and float. It is now up on on our balcony and the girls have a lovely time splashing in it. Or just lounging beside it! On this particular occasion their cousin and our neighbour (who just happened to be wearing her swimsuit under her clothes!) came in too.
The only problem is emptying it. If we tip it all out, it floods our downstairs neighbours! So we have to carefully bucket it all down the back (where the blue towel is) so it goes into the gutter. Bertie has been muttering about putting up a gutter all the way round for a while - go for it I say!

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