Sunday, 8 February 2009

Our Kitchen

I have been meaning to give you a little tour around our house to give you an idea of where we spend our days.

Let's start in the kitchen...This is the first room you see when you come up the stairs and it didn't used to exist, it was just a cubby hole. But Bertie's brother Richard completely rebuilt it into what you see now. The glass cupboards were put in by his nephew recently. There is no gas supply in Guadeloupe so every household has a gas cannister - ours is hidden away from little fingers behind the cooker.
Here is my worktop - as part of Mamie's fondness of recycling, it is someone's old desk!In this cupboard is our glassware from Bertie's sister - our wedding present that we finally took ownership of last summer! Glass is not very good for us though - I shan't tell you how many items we've broken between us...Our very useful cupboard, the left shelves of which are reserved for Master JoJo when he visits the kitchen. Out come all the plastic bowls and lids to provide him endless entertainment. Thanks to my kind husband, I have these helpful hooks all the kitchen. Highly recommended when you are low on storage space.
Told you the freezer was small! Right now it is full of chicken stock and shredded coconut waiting to transformed into....something or another!


Mum said...

Maybe into granola? ready for next week? If you can get the stuff.

Hevs said...

We have no oats, no raisins... breakfast has been very meagre recently, just bread and jam (not even any goyave jam!). Get out the violins!