Monday, 16 February 2009

11 Months!

Baby JoJo is developing so much at the moment, it is wonderful to see but amazing how much changes in the space of a week, let alone a month.
He is like CassCass, he always has his mouth wide open and his tongue sticking out. But still no attempt to suck his thumb! He now has two teeth at the top and four at the bottom - and boy does he use them! Both for chewing absolutely everything (vegetable, animal or mineral) but also for biting - ouch! Mostly me, which I am not too impressed with. He will be lucky if I keep on feeding for another month at this rate...though because he doesn't suck his thumb, I don't think he will be as easy to wean!!

We have started reading together and he really enjoys it. We look at the book and his face lights up. When it is a peekaboo book, he bursts into laughter. I am hoping for another bookworm for a child (LissaLou is definitely but CassCass not so much).
Much to our relief, he has learnt to go backwards down things. Now we don't have to worry so much about him climbing up on to the sofa or CassCass' bed, as he can safely get himself off. He even used the method to get off our (much higher) bed, and was rather surprised to come down with such a bump!
He is less banging and throwing his food and wisely choosing to put it into his mouth now, but he doesn't get the idea of cutlery yet. He drinks well from his cup though.

There is a bit less screeching and a very cute high-pitched cooing instead now. LissaLou keeps telling us he has said this or that word in french - for example he said " ma" according to her this week!

His favourite game is pulling the pen lid out that keeps the tv turned on - it drives the girls and their Daddy crazy as their programme disappears yet again. But Baby JoJo loves it, and turns round with a triumphant and delighted beam on his face displaying his trophy!

We have been working on the standing, and he can now keep up for a good minute or so - if somewhat wobbly. Today was all the more exciting as he stood and stood...and then took a mini step forward! Will we have a toddler soon I wonder....

Next post will be to celebrate his first year (si Dieu veut, as every phrase about the future is accompanied with here!)


Mum said...

He looks ready to go!
he will be more difficult - he's a boy and loves his mummy!
Is it the strike that brings on more DV s than usual?

Hevs said...

Oh no, it is perfectly usual for absolutely every phrase to end in it. Just like "ca va" always receives the reply "oui, grace a Dieu". This is a very religious people...

Malc said...

The last photo looks like Baby JoJo is attempting a zombie walk! The smile lets him down though!