Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Big Clean Up

The week isn't complete without a visit to Pika! Bertie put his nephews back to work to finish the big cleaning project they started last week.

We were also joined by our friends who gave a hand cleaning and weeding. They found the latter so relaxing they are planning to return later in the week to prune and weed some more (though they will bring hats and gloves and a radio this time!)

Our conversation ranged from the blessing of loving parents and a close relationship between grandparents and grandchildren to political discourse on the sad state of Guadeloupe (I discovered that it is basically in the economic hold of 8 rich families). These two ladies both love their island and its natural riches passionately and we decided that on a positive note, the strike is showing people that they can live without Carrefour (but only just!) and how much the land has to offer.

As you can see from the photos, some of us didn't do very much at all (I discovered I got a lot more done with Baby JoJo safely in his chair...) and there was also time for a bit of fishing. The girls and I entertained ourselves throwing baby mangos into a tub and drawing pictures of the free-range hens. I was amazed at how happily and quickly they followed Mamie when she called for them to return to their house!

We quenched our thirst on coconut water and were astonished to find on finishing our work that it was 2pm - no wonder our stomachs were rumbling!
The boys have done a great job cleaning and you would not recognise the place now. Here is a photo of before...
....and after!
They are thinking of putting tiles down on the floor. In any case, Baby JoJo can crawl around at his leisure now.
We disturbed many wasps in the course of the morning but it wasn't till we were finished that we had our only casualty - one popped up Mamie's skirt and stung her right on the....leg! (Well what did you think I was going to say!)

If the weather holds we may return later in the week - and this time avoid the hunger pangs by taking a barbeque with us.


Mum said...

I do love to see pictures of Pika! My goodness what a difference - not sure I like it - is it better? I could just see some plant pots along the edge - you know, with geraniums in them!!
You all worked very hard. Tiles would be nice, but would they be slippy in the rain?

Hevs said...

That's what I said about the tiles but we will see. It is definitely better! All Mamie's plant pots have been moved to near the little house. The whole of Pika is much tidier and clearer at the moment making wandering around a lot easier and more agreeable.

evie winter said...

The photos are great and give such a wonderful impression about what life is like there!