Sunday, 1 February 2009

Highlights Of The Week

I am pleased to announce that I got up early (ie before the kids!) three times this week! As a result I got to enjoy the peace and quiet on the balcony, watching the sun rise and the coconut and banana trees sway in the wind, sipping my cup of tea and reading my bible. Ah, it doesn't get any better than this!

Today Baby JoJo got up with me and it was great fun watching him watch the cockerel across the road. Every time he crowed Baby JoJo made a noise too and it turned into quite a conversation. Eventually his Papy came and took him over to visit the cock much to his delight!

We were at Pika again this morning, mainly taking photos for my upcoming series and learning about banana trees....

As so many shops were closed, we were delighted to find one open - a cash and carry place where if you buy in bulk it is a lot cheaper. No organic though! It is good to have some food in the house (not to mention toothpaste and toilet roll!) and the nappies are much cheaper there. In addition, we discovered two of Bertie's pupils mums work there and they got us a discount - cool!

Last night was a crepes, pizza and bokit party at Tatie Nadia's to celebrate our nephew Steeven reaching the grand old age of 15. Delicious! But the girls and Baby JoJo were so tired we went home early and two minutes into the car they were all fast asleep! Ahh.

LissaLou spent Thursday with her copine Jade to keep her company during the strike. They so enjoyed themselves that she ended up having a siesta with her (her favourite part of the day apparently!) as well as lots of playing. Jade's mum said that it was amusing listening to them talk "school" with various references to things and people that she had no idea about! We took advantage of the quiet to play with CassCass - dominoes is her favourite right now or sitting on her bed and pretending we are off on a car ride.

Otherwise there has been lots of playing for the girls, most of it in french which is very sweet to listen to. Whilst they have many disagreements and fights over things (we are working on being kind to one another and sharing, but it hasn't quite sunk in yet!) when they play peacefully it is a pleasure to behold!

The carnival continues to practice and parade around town - our poor little nephew Meddy had a bad experience with it a few weeks back and is now terrified of being here in the evening. I can understand him - the masks are scary! Whilst CassCass doesn't like them, LissaLou does, and is both delighted to see them pass the house and proud of her fearlessness!

Bertie has got quite a taste for disaster movies, and I am very sorry to see London under water right now in Flood. However I notice that Islington seems to be spared so far - Bertie has recommended going on to Parliament Hill to keep safe!


Mum said...

OK thanks - we're off to Parliament Hill pronto - don't need much of an excuse!
Well done for getting up early - did you go to bed earlier too?
How lovely Jo Jo talking to the cock1 Does he hear the frogs too?
TatieN is such a lovely facilitator isn't she.

Hevs said...

I have been attempting to get up earlier but it doesnt always happen. No he doesnt seem to hear the frogs but we really are so used to them that we hardly notice them anymore!
Yes she is - very hospitable.