Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Practical Application

After all that banana research I was inspired to put it into practice with a court buillon for lunch. I tried it with rice before but I think it tastes much better with bananas and racines (root veg).

Preparation (you should recognise these now!): three types of bananas, 3 poyo, a poto and a plantain, along with a madere.
Get a kind husband to peel the bananas (a sticky substance comes out that is hard to get off) and get rid of all the dirt and skin from the freshly dug up madere. These are popped together in boiling water for half an hour or so.Meanwhile the fish has been marinating in garlic and lemon juice.Prepare the sauce (spring onions, tomatoes, parsely and huile roucou straight from pika)Add the fish and simmer down for 20-30 minutesReady to eat!
This meal came out much better this time - I got a lot of positive comments from Bertie (evidently he knows it is the best way to get me to do it again!). CassCass and I both love the plantain, but unfortunately LissaLou hates the lot! Back to pasta for now...

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