Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Carnaval Sunday In Our Town...

...was cancelled due to the strike! So instead of having all the different groups from throughout the island parading around the town, we just had six local groups doing what is called a vide. All the people in the town came out to their gates to enjoy the event.
It was fun to watch, especially as the masks weren't in evidence this week. We even got a special viewing as two groups stopped in front of our house and performed for a while, before coming and asking Mamie to fill up their water bottles!
They always seems to parade around in the evening and I haven't successfully got any photos in the dark yet, so I was pleased to see them pass the house on the way to the meeting point whilst the sun was still out.Some of the instruments they have are small, big and massive drums, tambourine-like things, trumpets, conch shells (which just play one note!) and shakers made out of a fruit called calebasse. The children always march in the front, followed by the dancing ladies and then the (usually male) musicians.
The groups are always followed by a group of youngsters on bikes and motorbikes, then come all the cars stuck behind them.Baby JoJo claps along with the beat
This neighbour walks in the lead to warn traffic to make way"I love the carnival!" LissaLou told me


Mum said...

what lovely photos, the last two with the family.

evie winter said...

I think Liss' lips rival Angelina Jolie's!