Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I think I have now managed two weeks of early rising (the alarm is set for 5.45am but often Baby JoJo wakes me earlier!) so half way to making it a habit, hurray!
I would very much recommend it to you as it is such a peaceful time and I actually look forward to it every day now. Of course, it is much easier getting up when the sun is (nearly) up rather than on a cold, snowy morning...I do have to take a cup of tea and wrap out to keep me warm in those early hours though!
Here was my balcony this morning (I creep out through this door from the hall so as not to wake anyone!)
Doors to our living room and our bedroom There was a beautiful full moon this morning
View from my chair! Is it the rising sun I wonder...Another early riser - Papy and Mamy are up at 5am - here is Papy getting ready to go to Pika. In fact he was the one who inspired these photos, as he told me to get one of the moon!
My lovely cocotier!
Then the children arrive and it is back to normality....this morning we enjoyed a delicious fruit salad thanks to a visit to the maraichers in Pointe a Pitre yesterday. How many fruits can you spot....
Water melon, guava, banana, passion fruit, pineapple and mango. Topped with our first yoghurt in a fortnight - yum!


CBE said...

Heather I will try and remember to think of you next time I grumpily get out of bed before 7 if one of the children wakes early! Inspiring stuff. Not sure I'm ready for a 5.45 alarm yet - am still hoping babies will (eventually) take after Caitlyn and like starting the day around 7.45-8ish.

Hevs said...

How nice to hear from you! Give yourself a few months (or years!!!) before you think about such things...! Would love for my three to wake up at that time but their internal clock seems stuck at 6.30am, ah well!

Mum said...

The thing to do is to train the oldest to give the others their breakfast!
But you're right- the early morning is the best time!

Mum said...

Forgot to say - that was a lovely moon last night.Dad got some nice phots as well.