Tuesday, 10 February 2009


We have now been on strike here for three weeks! Can you believe it! I am beginning to wonder if we will see work again before we leave...

There are lots of nice things about being on strike and one of those is having LissaLou and Bertie home. To keep LissaLou and CassCass occupied, I have started organising activities which start at 9am (when Baby JoJo goes to sleep) downstairs on the big table.

So far we have done lots of jigsaws - we have one where you put a sequence of three pictures together to tell a story and I got LissaLou to tell me the story in english and french which was fun to hear. We have worked a bit on numbers, particularly the teen ones and I was amazed to hear CassCass do all of the numbers from 1-10 and some from 11-20, in both languages! She has also grasped counting objects and can get it right sometimes.

Using the above mentioned jigsaw, we pkayed with Stella and Wilson the memory game where we had to find the matching pieces. It was hard! Having to remember the location of three cards rather than two during the turns of three other people was tough, but Stella managed splendidly. The rest of us depended on working out if they matched from the shape of the pieces!

One morning was a baking time - we have made several batches of scones now (no eggs!!) and they have all come out completely unscone like! Still, very tasty with some jam. We have also made lots of delicious bread since flour and yeast is something we have been able to buy. CassCass loves stirring and eating the dough, but LissaLou helps with most of the baking now. I keep trying to remember - it's all about PROCESS not PRODUCT. But I can't help intervening when the spoon goes in the mouth and then back in the bowl....!
One day I decided to hand over to Bertie and he got them painting leaves which produced some beautiful pictures and not a little boasting from him over his talent at activity organising! He used rainwater as apparently it creates a better effect. I was pleased at having the time to write one of my several overdue letters.

As the strike shows no sign of ending, I shall keep browsing through my Busy Books for more ideas of fun activities!

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Mum said...

I enjoyed reading this one and kept thinking of ideas...
Dad says these children wont stand a chance with me and Evie educating them as well as you and Alb.!!! and JoJo will be glad he's still a baby. But we have our (lesson) plans for babies too!!