Saturday, 7 February 2009

Standing Ovation Please

We have been having fun getting Baby JoJo onto his feet, letting go, then watching him flop down. However this time was different - he stood there unaided for a good 6 seconds! Can you see the delight and surprise on his face...! Each time he finds himself standing now he looks somewhat bemused and quickly slides down on to his bottom - secure again! He is also much more secure in water. When the paddling pool was out he held his own with the crazy girls around, and enjoyed crawling in and out at his leisure.
Is this another golfer on our hands.... Can you see him chasing after the yellow golf ball with a straw in his hand, presumably his baby sized club!
His new game is pulling everything he can off shelves - books, clothes, paper - it will all do fine. We follow closely at his heels clearing up the mess. Recently he found that beloved occupation of all babes - pulling the toilet paper off the roll. Uh oh!
Too many night wakings for my liking unfortunately. I usually just feed him in bed and fall asleep doing so, leaving him to do the same. However a couple of nights ago, we woke to him grumbling a bit - but he wasn't in the bed! Where had he gone... Bertie went off in the dark to investigate and found him under the bed of all places! We are still wondering how he got there as he wasn't crying so he presumably hadn't fallen off the bed.


Anonymous said...

Why golf - it could be cricket!

Hevs said...

Who is this philistine coming up with such a suggestion on my son playing cricket...pshaw!

bachman said...

But cricket's going on not a million miles away from across the water from you, so....!

Hevs said...

And we lost apparently. Let's stick to golf!