Thursday, 5 February 2009

Brr At The Beach

For all you poor folk suffering in the snow, here are a few pictures of our trip to the beach yesterday. The water was very chilly (must have been about 22 degrees) so I had every sympathy with you all...! Bertie didn't even make it beyond his knees into the water, chicken!

We haven't been to Ste Anne for ages so it was lovely to be back again. The petrol stations have begun to reopen and there were queues and queues of cars outside them. The beach didn't seem affected by the strike - this is peak tourist season and it felt like it!

Fun in the water

Baby JoJo loves standing splashing in the water and tries to crawl in it too if you let him! LissaLou made a friend and enjoyed playing a fishing game with her.

Fun on the sand

We are looking forward to Master Sandcastle Builder Jason coming at Easter and Bertie got practising to make sure he is on form for when they get building. The girls, especially CassCass, loved helping out (I had to hold Baby JoJo so he didn't give "help" in his own special way..) and several passers-by admired the fruits of his labour.

Baby JoJo crawls all over the place and is an unstoppable force now. It is very hard to get there before the sand or rock goes into his mouth! He loves picking handfuls of sand up and letting it slip through his fingers. So do I!

CassCass and LissaLou also enjoyed tree climbing (the elderly french ladies in front of the tree were not so enamoured with their efforts though!)

Beautiful sightsFor all its annoying striking, Guadeloupe is indeed a beautiful place. And in reality it is even bluer and greener! Doesn't that get you excited about coming, Mum and Evs!

My favouritesCan you tell that I love coconut trees...

My two handsome men


Mum said...

mais oui et bien sûr it gets me very excited indeed!
NOTA BENE - a circmflex!isn't that clever?
The little one looks like a chip off the old block, and the older block too!

Giullietta said...

Are you saying I should bring a cardigan?