Thursday, 16 October 2008

7 Months!

Perhaps by 8 months we will be back to photos of Baby JoJo and Baby Luke! For the meantime, I will have to stick to words!

Physical development - Baby JoJo is now sitting up really well, hardly ever falling over. I still don't like to leave him sitting alone because of the hard tiles though. He can slide along on his tummy - and unfortunately slid off the bed the other day (onto the aforesaid hard tiles, poor babe!) so lying on the floor is the safest position for him. He is working on his gross motor skills (that phrase always amuses me!) and grasping things from the floor with his finger and thumb. Will have to keep the place tidier. He also likes banging his hand on things. His favourite position is standing and he will go very stiff to prevent you putting him down.

Verbal - he makes lots of noise, cooing and gurgling and ahhing or ohhhing away. He still has the loveliest laugh. He also likes ummming with each mouthful of his meal - must be pure contentment!

Food - I have found getting organised with weaning and providing a wide selection of food more of an effort here, not helped by the tiny freezer we have (the large one downstairs has just gone kaput) but now that I am getting more into it, I am encouraged by a very hearty eater. Baby JoJo will devour his 3 daily meals at present and doesn't refuse anything, though he does prefer avocado and banana above all and loves chewing on a piece of baguette. I will need to start upping the portion size I think. No sign of any teeth, though teething does seem to be happening with all the dribbling and knawing that goes on. No bad thing as it means no biting - though during his feeds he loves pinching and scratching me! He tends to feed 6-7am; after his morning nap/before his lunch; after his afternoon nap/before tea; before bed.

Play - He really loves it when you sing to him, and zoom zoom zoom is his favourite song, though he will beam at more or less any. He continues to love watching his sisters and cousins and anyone else who is around, rewarding their attention with a huge beam.

Sleep - If I can organise myself (I usually can't), he will have an hour's nap at about 9am and then a couple of hours after lunch at about 1pm. He does tend to wake up early (like the girls, between 6 and 7am but nearer to 6) and he will have his final feed at about 8-9pm. I haven't managed to get him to sleep at 7pm (my goal!) yet, though last night he went down at 7.30pm...then woke and fed for an hour at 1am! That didn't seem worth it really!

Emotional - oh no! we are getting to the stage when he bursts into tears if I leave the room and only cheers up when I am back! Given the layout of our flat, with the kitchen separate and not really designed for him to play there when I am cooking, that is a problem! He is still happy with other people though, and went contentedly for a walk with Tatie Pierrette yesterday morning to the neighbour's house.

Looks - his eyes are still blue and he still has cradle cap and I still get advice from everyone about how to deal with it and still don't ever get round to following it...well, the girls' disappeared eventually without much help from me! His legs and arms are so brown from the sun then a much paler body where he wears his swimsuit!


evie said...

what is this, did I notice a spelling mistake?! Woohoo
There is a first time for everything :):)

Hevs said...

I notice loads of typos when i look back...shame on me!

bachman said...

2 points. 1)Re gross motor skills.If you are ever skilful enough to try mending the car engine ( motor in London) you will discover how gross it is. 2)"Will have to keep the place tidier". Previous blogs seem to suggest this to be a forlorn hope, since one of JoJo's siblings has a definite feel for an alternative order from your own.

Hevs said...

I don't think i have the skills to attend to gross motors...but i do have plenty of tidying to keep me busy, as i strive against CassCass' alternative order! (or messy play, as mum would call it...)