Thursday, 16 October 2008

Awaiting Omar

We didn't do our usual beach visit today for a couple of reasons - LissaLou and Baby JoJo are down with colds, and Hurricane Omar is on his way. He is supposed to be heading to the North Islands (St Martin etc) but passing us by in his wake, which means lots of wind and rain and a very agitated sea.

In preparation, Papy has brought his car into the yard (in the last hurricane it got its windshield broken and he has never fixed it - who knows what could happen this time!) and the furniture has been moved to safety outside. But as it stands, there is no more rain and wind outside than usual so I am not sure how affected we will be.

Instead of the beach, we chilled at home reading (me) and playing (girls) and then went to the shops to buy Baby JoJo a new high chair. It is very conveniently a promotional week for all child products in Carrefour so the shop was full of mums and babies. We tried him out in it this evening and he is ever so cute, and had such a good time sitting there. Funny to think that his little feet currently on the seat will one day reach the footrest!

After the shops we headed out to Ste Anne for a meal with friends from church. They have a most gorgeous oval shaped house in the countryside and to the girls' delight a triple swing outside, so they enjoyed playing on that with their five year old friend. Our friend is an English Teacher here and a real anglophile - she has ever brought up her son fluent in english - so there was plenty of english conversation going on. She is interested in new words (Wags, retail therapy, silver surfer to name but a few) so we had an interesting time finding some more for her - and for me! Am I the only one not to know that phat means great?!

Not only a time of new words, but also my first time eating conch (lambi) which apparently is in season right now. Surprisingly meaty for seafood and in a nice sauce was my conclusion.

I stayed up too late reading last night so am shattered now - Omar will have to do his best if he wants to rouse me from my sleep tonight!

NB For those unfamiliar with hurricanes, they work through the alphabet each year with alternate girl and boy names. The last we had heard was of Ike, so Bertie was amazed we had already reached Omar - what happened to all the others we wondered? He even queried if he had misheard, and it was actually Hurricane Homard (lobster!)!


Anonymous said...

I hope the hurricane isn't as devastating for you. We are still cleaning up and some friends and a couple of cousins lost everything even their home. I was horrified when I saw the weather and it looked like it was going near you. I love you and am praying for you.


Hevs said...

Thanks Shannon, how terrible for you all. We are just in a deluge of rain right now - I am glad it seems to be bypassing the poor Haiti this time.

mum said...

Ii have discovered that hurricanes are prenamed until 2013!
You missed Hanna, Ike, Josephine,Kyle, Laura, Marco, and Nana.
Still to come this year Paloma, Rene, Sally, Teddy,Vicky and Wilfred.

Mum said...

Oops you said Ike was the last one.
About the herbal outpourings I remember F-l having something similar in a mortar and pestle for the girls to play with... maybe CC thinks thats what its for... Is she getting enough messy play? maybe she is just at that stage - remember Lissa washing the crayon she and Amy put on the window?