Thursday, 9 October 2008

Petit Havre

We have been offline for the last few days for some unknown reason, so it is nice to be back again and to be able to tell you about this week's trip to the beach. It must look like we spend all our time at the beach, but I assure you it is only Wednesday mornings!

Once again, back to the internet for a photo of this week's location, courtesy of Havre is not that far from us and quite different from our previous destinations, as it is much more of a fishing beach. As we arrived the fishermen were bringing their fish from the boats to sell. Half an hour later I said to Bertie perhaps we should buy some, and he laughed and replied it had all sold in minutes! Fresh fish goes fast here!

We were sitting just to the left of this picture - there were four boats there today, and the same ropes tying them to the trees. Oh, and the bridge on the side has disappeared. The beach here is quite stoney and full of little red beasties who somehow attach to each other (bottom to bottom) and then wander around in this position. Very strange! There was also a lot of seaweed in the sea and even a dead jellyfish on the sand. But the sea was beautifully calm, which makes it so much easier as we can let the girls go running in and out at their leisure and they don't have as much water in their eyes, noses and mouths. Baby JoJo also enjoyed it much more, sitting for hours on our laps (we have given up on the inflatable seat now as he just spends his time drinking sea water then throwing it up!) splashing the water with his fist and laughing at our songs.

The weather was quite overcast (we could here thunder most the time, very odd feeling as you sit in the warm sea!) and believe it or not, we even felt cold on occasion! Definitely acclimatising! In fact, I have noticed that there are bits of the sea that are warm and bits that are cold. Bertie says it is to do with the ground but I don't really understand that - any suggestions?

This beach is a lot less busy, however, there was a huge group of children with a holiday club having a marvellous time jumping up and down in the water. They were much more organised than us, with their huge pots of lunch and marquee to eat under...even a brush to sweep the sand off their mats! As ever, we enjoyed ham and cheese baguettes then treated ourselves to magnums. No sunburn/stroke today I am happy to report, just an extremely pleasant morning.


Mei-Li said...

Hi are the warm and cold bits of the sea not to do with currents? C says you can get warm currents up in Harris even.

Hevs said...

That sounds interesting - but why do they affect the temp? What does he mean by warm in Harris...?!

mum said...

You are at one end of the gulf stream and Harris is at the other end. The gulf stream is why you find palm trees on the Solway Firth coast eg Kippford and also at Poolewe much further north near Ullapool.
Today's geography lesson over.
Although I don't know why there should be both temperatures in one small area...