Thursday, 9 October 2008

Daily Life

This is what our life looks like right now...
Mondays - Bertie drops LissaLou at school at 8am and then he takes me and the other two shopping. I am aiming to alternate between Carrefour (very expensive but so much more choice and organic produce) and Leader Price (very cheap). We collect LissaLou at 11.30am, have lunch, let her chill out and then Bertie drops her back at 2pm before I collect her at 4.30pm. He has one late class in Pointe a Pitre and then we aim for tea and bed not too late, but rarely achieve it.
Tuesdays - I have made some friends! My kind Texan friend who is leaving soon has introduced me to some other mums and we meet up for tea on Tuesday mornings at one of their houses. One lives just down the road from us, so it is nice to know the neighbours. Then I get LissaLou and we have lunch, take her back...Bertie spends the morning working with his dad at Pika and has a busy afternoon and evening; he doesn't get back till 7.30pm or so. I try to get CassCass and Baby JoJo to sleep in the afternoons but not very successfully and rarely at the same time. It is quite hard work organising tea and bedtime without Bertie there and the three of them. There is usually at least one in tears at some point!
Wednesdays - ahh, my favourite day! Bertie is with us all day and as we usually nab his mum's food for tea, not much cooking! There is a bible study at the church but he hasn't made it much yet.
Thursdays - Bertie is at Pika in the morning, we have nothing on although I have been going to the Post Office recently as people keep paying Bertie in cheques. With the queues there, that can be a morning's visit! Bertie again has a busy afternoon and evening, not getting back till 8pm. Definitely my least favourite evening!
Fridays - nothing on in the morning yet, then Bertie has classes in the afternoon. The second one is at home, and it is nice to have him there, although he often gets interruptions from the girls. At least his pupils are hearing authentic english!
Saturdays - Bertie starts at 8.30am so is gone quite early. Last week I took the girls to the playpark and we spent a lovely hour there then did some shopping after, which was very agreeable. However, such activities depend very much on the weather! Bertie is pretty tired when he is back so it is good to rest, but it depends what is on. Last Saturday my Texan friend showed a few of us how to make bread and cinnammon rolls, delicious! And a lovely way to spend an evening. The girls were distraught at not being able to come but they enjoyed a trip out in the car with their dad!
Sundays - church starts at 9.30am and goes on till midday, ouf! The first part is bible study and we don't go till the main service at 10.30am. After lunch we may be lucky enough to get a siesta, and there is an excellent chance that some family members will pop in later. This week it was Bertie's brother Richard and his family. LissaLou and CassCass had a marvellous time playing with their cousin Raisa and were more than delighted when their other cousin Stella turned up too. They also love their older cousins and these kind teenagers will quite happily play with them, do their hair, chat and chill together.


mum said...

You don't say how often the one in tears is yourself!!

Hevs said...

Moi, jamais! I just throw my arms up in the air and give a gallic shrug...or kiss my teeth West Indian style!