Thursday, 16 October 2008

Birthday Fun

Monday was the hallowed occasion of the birthdays for the Iron Lady and Yours Truly, and I hope she celebrated in as much style as I did. Bertie took over a lot of the child care and cooking, preparing some delicious fried plantain and ice cream for lunch, and our usual Monday morning shopping trip had the additional excitement of a bar of Fairtrade dark chocolate thrown in - yummy! Bertie had also been listening closely to me and got the very present I had hoped for - a Guadeloupe clock so that I can now know what time it is and when to collect LissaLou/put Baby JoJo to bed etc etc. I chatted on Skype to the family in the afternoon (lovely to hear you all!) and we visited his sister in the evening and it was such fun watching LissaLou & CassCass jumping crazily to the tv juke box. Even Baby JoJo was swaying in front of the box!

I don't know if it was a reaction against not having done much all day, but I came home and tidied until midnight! How refreshing to wake up to a tidy flat on Tuesday! This was followed by an enjoyable morning with some friends, a delicious chocolate cake and another ever-so-appropriate present; I had just lost my towel and given this house's track record, it could be another two years till it turns up, so I was thrilled to get a new towel with my name on it so no chance of it falling into another's hands!!

LissaLou wasn't very impressed with the day though - she asked about the party (we are having a family get-together on Sunday) and said she is looking forward to my REAL birthday then!

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