Friday, 24 October 2008

Things We Have Been Up To

We are looking forward to half term next week (here we get 10 days, whoopee!), the highlight of which is Mum coming over to see us. Bon voyage mum! We have ordered a new bed for her and just need to pick it up. I am keeping an eye out to get rid of any cockroaches before her arrival. And if she is lucky, she may even have a ceiling fan to cool her!

LissaLou has been swimming again with her class today and had a great time. She claims to be able to swim now, but I am unconvinced.

There was a rat running around the washing machine downstairs (a biiiig one, honest!) so I wasn't able to do any washing recently! However, it has been duly poisoned and dumped now, phew.

We didn't make it to the beach this week either. Bertie went to Pika with his dad, sat down for a five minute chat, and turned up 2 hours later! No problem, I made pineapple jam with the four free pineapples the kind market seller gave me, and the girls had great fun playing in the road next door with their cousin and the neighbours.

Later that day, I went to a Ladies Group and Bertie took the girls and their cousin down for a walk by the sea. LissaLou gave me an excited rendition of the trip to me on my return, and I am ashamed to say I wasn't really listening! Bertie saw this by my lack of reaction, then told me the story again - they had been playing boats with some polystyrene and she had reached after hers, and tumbled into the sea from the pier!!! Needless to say I was somewhat shocked, very relieved Bertie was behind her and pulled her out before she got further than her shoulders, equally relieved that I hadn't been there, and unable to understand how they all managed to laugh about it! We worrying mothers eh?

I took Baby JoJo back to the dispensaire today for his next hepatitis B injection and general check-up. All is still well. As I left the house, Papy advised me that I should iron my skirt or people would think I had slept in it! I told him very frankly that I didn't mind what people think - me and ironing are not good friends! However, I may make an effort at some point if it means that much to him. Or maybe I will pay my enterprising nephew to iron for me? Hmm, his rates are probably far too high.

It has rained so much less this week and the temperature has soared. I am sitting glued to my fan!

I read a very moving book this week - The Kite Runner - which I would recommend. Has anyone seen the film?

We are going to a bible study tonight in Le Gosier and before we leave I have to
-wash up -hang out the washing - put away the dry washing - prepare grated carrot and fried plantain - tidy up a bit - collect LissaLou - get the kids showered and dressed, and me too - feed Baby JoJo... so I had better get on! Bon weekend!

NB and a special Happy Birthday to Big Bro Malc today! May I heartily recommend you visit (and comment on!) the gorgeous pictures on this blog and this one!


Missus Wookie said...

Enjoy having your Mum there! Whilst I'd like it a bit warmer, I'm glad we're not having to use the fans still.

mum said...

All packed and ready to go in the morning.
Don't worry about the fan - I like the heat remember!
See you soon!

evie said...

They have left for Eurostar! We have nice weather today but I must say I am excited to be getting some sun in Italy next week. (Hoping it isn't in the alps!) Just discovered the russian christmas is jan 7th so not quite sure if I would get the uk christmas or russian christmas as holiday. hmmmm!

the dĂșnadan said...

Hurrah! Let's start the Iron Free Society! I never iron anything, either. What is the point when it gets messed up soon enough anyway?

Thank you for the birthday greeting and for the postcard. It was lovely! What is the Bernard thingy, though?

Hevs said...

I'm all for the Iron free life i have to say - if i were on facebook i would start it up! The bernard hermitt is a kind of crab -i thought that was the english but apparently not, so let me know if you find out what we call it!
Nice to see you popping in Missus Wookie, Mum and Evs!

Anonymous said...

Talking about ironing, i'm hoping to start up an ironing service! So if you know anyone who lives in Leicester and wants to pay someone to do their ironing, do let me know!!
Hope you have a brill time with your mum. And your mum has a brill time with you.
Yve x

Susan said...

Thought I'd my commiserations on the fact that you may have to begin ironing occasionally! I would also join such a group, I think! I'm afraid I can't remember the last time my new iron came out of its box ... I think it was probably in Nottingham at some point ...

As for the Kite Runner, I also loved the book. The film was good, but it is obvious from the start what has happened, which changes the way the rest of the story is told. Very well done otherwise, though. Very moving book. Have you read his next one yet? I haven't. Sometime ...

I have been enjoying your posts above as well ... catching up!!