Sunday, 12 October 2008

Catching Up On Comments

I have had fun for the last hour reading through all the comments that you have left since our arrival here, many of which I didn't reply to - munch munch through humble pie as I give my profuse apologies...! Out of interest a query to you fellow bloggers, is there a limit on how far back you look at comments - sometimes I am tempted to leave one on a older date but I don't know if the writer will ever see it. And for blog-readers, if you leave a comment, is there a limit on how far back you check to see if it has been answered? Sometimes I am late reading them and then I don't know whether to respond or not!

Anyway, I have put together the questions that have been left hanging in the air and will try and answer them all...

Firstly, the big one from Bachman...will I produce a book titled "Notes from an even smaller island"? What an excellent idea! I shall have to think on that, and what slant the book would take, as all these travelogues seem to have a theme running through them. Perhaps Going Green In Gwada? As for doing it in french, er, I don't think so! But then I wondered if the title would be best applied to a book about the Isle of Wight or even the Isle of Man, given the link to the UK? However, I will certainly get your book writing tips (and those of Cally's Kitchen of course!) if I ever embark on such a scheme...(by the way Malc, how is the book coming on?)

Bachman also commented on the confusion SIL for sister-in-law with Societe International de Linguistics (or Wycliffe Bible Translators). I agree! Just like I always get confused with the word coworker, as I always read cow - worker, does anyone else?! But as for BM for my mother in law (Belle-Mere), that is how I mentally refer to our town, so further confusion will abound!

Moving on to Malvern Manor, (do have a look at these links - I would particularly recommend the lovely photos posted on this one today...). Mum - what happened to the Peppa Pig book? It took a month for a letter to reach me from NZ, surely the UK is a bit quicker?! I will certainly get a photo of LissaLou and her Mamie when the camera is back. Baby JoJo's vital statistics as of our last visit at the end of september were...
weight 7.81 kilos (slowed down a lot, probably due to not eating so much during his last cold)
length 68cm
head still 44 cm
Mum also asked a few Pika related questions. Pika is just the name the family gives to that plot of land, Bertie didn't know why, and but how funny that there is an animal of that name! I shall have to check with his Dad that there aren't any on the loose there! In creole Pika is referred to as en bwois-la. I sincerely doubt that Bertie prayed for the pig before killing it, would it have made it more tasty?!
Papy's green shoes are equivalent to cut down welly boots and we can most certainly get you a pair when you are here. You will be the height of fashion!
In response to Susan's query about my wasp sting - no the sting never did come out in the end! I would certainly recommend alcohol though, as it did the trick. I have become a dab hand at killing wasps since! Susan also asked whether we had Durian fruit here and the answer is no, but I wonder if Mei-Li is familiar with it from PNG? The strong smell reminds me of fruit that I saw with her in Chinatown, but I don't know if it is the same one. Bertie says it reminds him of one which we do have called corossol. However, we do have Jackfruit here, although he didn't know its name and hasn't eaten it.
And speaking of all these fruits and vegetables, I love mum's suggestion of making a book of all the fruits here - another project for her visit? Even better, how about drying the leaves and sticking them in too?
Finally, thanks to Mrs Wookie for the link to The Elysia Biodynamic Garden. I am not at all familiar with biodynamic principles so it was good to read and would be an interesting place to visit on our return. After Kirsty telling me that eau de cologne would be good to cool down a temperature, I am beginning to wonder if all the things I class as Gwada Myths have scientific explanations!

Hope that covers them all!


Mum said...

I'm thinking I will end up taking that photo myself!
Isn't that exciting!
I'll do a blog soon to show you what happened to Peppa Pig - its not in the post...
Blame Sainsburys for your lack of fishy knowledge! I grew vegetables - peas to show you where they came from, never thought of taking you fishing!

Mum said...

About the myths - I have found that once or twice people have said to me 'well of course, why are you calling it a myth' - it was said about old cars.. thats the only one I can remember

Mei-Li said...

In reply to your question about Durian fruit, I'm sure they can grow it in PNG but I'm more familiar with it from Singapore and our family holiday in Malaysia, my mum loves Durian but the smell is quite overpowering. Apparently in Singapore people are no longer allowed to take them in taxis and the metro as they think it will put tourists off!

Missus Wookie said...

I've got my blog set up to email me when I get a comment, so no matter how old I'll pick it up :)

When we moved to London ds (then 7) wanted to make sure that there would be, "Somewhere to buy food - like Sainsburys?" so you aren't alone.

Hevs said...

No problem mum! If we had gone fishing in the Thames, I suspect the insides would have been unguttable!
I am trying to guess what kind of sign they have to show no Durian fruit in taxis...!
That email facility sounds like a good idea. Where were you moving from Mrs Wookie, your ds must have thought you were heading to the back of beyond!