Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Safely Here

After a very pleasant visit with the in-laws, Mum made it through the 8 hour flight (with only one film!) and we were delighted to see her at the airport this afternoon. In fact, see her was all we did do for an hour or so, as she waited and waited and waited for her luggage, whilst we looked down from the viewing point (makes you feel a bit like a zoo animal!). Finally, she was the last to leave, as she collected her suitcase which had gone round the belt a mere 10 times before she realised it was hers! In her defence, she has borrowed the neighbour's and it is unfamiliar...

The girls were thrilled to see her - as were the in-laws - and all that she has brought. What do you miss when you are abroad? My goodies go something like this
- parsnip and swede (mainly for Baby JoJo to taste)
- nappies
- dental floss
- organic maple syrup
- pack of bay leaves
- cheddar and parmesan cheese
- jelly, all the flavours of the rainbow!
- women's weekly
- pens for writing on freezer bags
Poor mum, it is amazing she managed to fit any of her own clothes in, let alone drag all these cases across half the world!

A big thanks to Bertie who spent today taking down and putting up beds (we got a new one and then discovered it was too big for the room it was supposed to be in - oops!) and mosquito nets and new fans to replace all the broken ones (I hear it is snowing in London, but here it is HOT!) and now the house looks normal again!

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