Saturday, 11 October 2008

Life Is Like That

We woke up to a tremendous storm at 5am (well, I should say we were woken up!) and it looks like it will be a day of rain. No trips to the playpark today! Unfortunately, the building Bertie works in on Saturday is prone to flooding, so it will be a tricky morning for him too. I just opened the door to the balcony for the first time today and LissaLou told me the rain had started again, so bang shut went the door! I don't think I will be opening them again anytime soon!

Clothes have a tendency to disappear here, if you don't grab them off the washing line the moment they are dry. Bertie found a missing pair of shorts...on his sister (he never wore them again for some reason!) and my favourite pair of white trousers mysteriously vanished in 2006. So I was delighted to come across them the other day, and even more so to find that they still fit! I took advantage of the cooler weather today to put them on, admired them, got on with the day...then a naked CassCass came and plonked herself on my lap and all too late I realised she had done a number two and not wiped her bottom! Sigh. The trousers have gone to the wash and will have to wait another day.

I spent hours sweating away in the heat to tidy the flat, only for CassCass and LissaLou to spill a packet of rice, break a glass or two, get the entire contents of their toy box out, chuck Baby JoJo's food on the floor...oh well!

Bad news - there was another cockroach on the floor this morning. Good news - it was dead. By what means I am not sure but very grateful!

I have renamed the final day of the week Fever Friday as somehow Baby JoJo keeps getting a very high temperature on it. Yesterday he hovered around 39 degrees which was rather worrying. We haven't had to visit any doctors or hospitals yet and I am not in a hurry to! We still don't have a social security number either to reclaim the cost. However, he is back to normal again today - a mixture of prayer and two hour feeding sessions! (Oh, and apparently the local solution is to put Eau de cologne on his head - er, right!)

Right, back to the life of a mother!


mum said...

Look very closely at your Thursday/ Friday routine to see if there is anything which might cause this rise in temperature.
Whichever sister it was, she must be really skinny to get into Albero's shorts!
Why would you bother wiping your bottom if your mummy has lovely white trousers on...!!

bachman said...

The thought did pass through my mind earlier today that you maybe had replaced mice with cockroaches and damp ceilings with lots of rain generally. And how are you coping with no granny or sister for instant babysitting! Hang in there and one will be forthcoming shortly, DV!!

Kirsty said...

Hmmmmm - alcohol has a low boiling point and therefore will evaporate quickly when applied to skin. this probably would have a cooling effect. They might be on to something!

Hevs said...

Thanks for your comments! It is always funny to find out there is logic in the things they do here, even though they seem strange to me!
I have looked at our Thursday routine but nothing comes to mind really. It was Marraine, don't know how she managed it, I couldn't!
Thankfully not too many cockroaches dad, but we do have various leaks and things! But I do not miss the damp! As for babysitters, do you think mum will notice if i disappear for two weeks and leave her with the trio?!