Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Best Way To Enjoy Music...

...is most definitely in the outdoors, with a blue sky overhead, surrounded by trees gently waving in the wind, in the most excellent company of my three main men. Yes, this weekend saw me, Dad, my brother and Bertie at Kenwood for the Classical Prom. What a great night! Any concert where you can eat, drink, laugh, chat, film and do more or less what you please rates highly in my book!
We watched the weather with anxious anticipation all week and were delighted to see that once again BBC 5 day forecast could be relied on to get it wrong - no light showers, just a fine evening.

The highlights:

The music (well of course!)
MJM trying out the contents of the freebie bag – poncho and fan (fortunately neither were required!)
A rather tasty picnic (prepared by yours truly)
Baby JoJo sleeping peacefully through the first half, then bopping through the second
Being able to walk home
Very pleasant free cider
A lady with huge feathers on her head (happily not sitting in front of us)

Thanks to Mum for babysitting and I look forward to listening to the CD Dad got in Guadeloupe when I am feeling homesick for the Heath...

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